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With their origins in Japanese, as well as Arabic, Eastern European, Asian and North African cultures respectively, kimonos and kaftans represent a versatile form of cultural dress continue to capture mainstream imaginations. Their popularity worldwide as both casual fashion accessories, and elegant loungewear has helped introduce new generations and demographics the world over to historically beloved and culturally significant forms of dress, making them more accessible to the wider public. Tap into this growing interest and stock up on wholesale kimonos and kaftans to stock in your store today with CREOATE.

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What kind of wholesale kimonos and kaftans can you find on CREOATE?

From lightweight cover-ups for summer beach days to elegant kimono jackets for evening wear — incorporate luxurious kaftans and authentic wholesale silk kimonos in your retail inventory today. At CREOATE, we collaborate with independent suppliers across the UK, Europe and the US to offer you a stylish selection of comfortable pieces to help elevate your customers’ wardrobes. Browse our Spring Essentials and Spring/Summer Fashion Collections for complementary wholesale accessories and fashion trend pieces to sell alongside your selection of kaftans and kimonos.


Help! I’m stocking up on wholesale kaftans, is there a difference between ‘kaftans’ and ‘caftans’ that I should know about?

If it’s your first time stockin up on wholesale kaftans or kimono, you might have come across some kaftan-looking pieces listed as ‘Caftans’. Don’t panic! The spellings are interchangeable, and both are fine and accepted. So, go forth and stock up on wholesale kaftans, or caftans, to your heart’s content.

What is the recommended markup when selling wholesale kimonos and kaftans?

We would recommend a mark-up of around 45 - 50% when selling wholesale kimonos and kaftans, especially if you want to stay competitive in the retail and fashion space. Authentic wholesale silk kimonos may vary due to their higher quality, as with other factors such as purchase quantity, brand etc. However, this is the markup range we would suggest starting out with when pricing your products.

Why choose CREOATE for your wholesale kimonos and kaftans?

Whether you run a boutique or online store, CREOATE offers a convenient platform to source wholesale kimonos and kaftans for your business. Enjoy seamless ordering, free cross-border shipping, and access to a vast network of suppliers, as well as 60-day returns on unopened products. Like this, you can confidently build up and experiment with your product selection across a range of different brands, risk-free. Stay on top of fashion trends and shop the latest kimono and kaftan styles on CREOATE today.