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Stock your shop with fun yet functional wholesale stationery to suit the needs of paper people and stationery lovers everywhere. Support local artists and illustrators and shop an eclectic range of wholesale stationery on CREOATE today.

What kind of wholesale stationery will I find on CREOATE?

At CREOATE, we pride ourselves on being a platform that champions independent brands and suppliers. Our easy-to-use platform and dedicated customer support team make it simple to find and purchase the wholesale stationery products you need to stock your store. Discover a unique range of wholesale stationery products on CREOATE including planners and organisers, notebooks and journals, and more.

Shop a huge selection of greetings cards for every occasion; birthdays, new home, thank you, or just a general selection of humorous options. With everything from seasonal puns to unique illustrations, you can give your customers a broad range of options for each special (or silly) moment.

And you can forget stocking the same old stationery. Whether you're looking for stylish notebooks and bullet journals, eclectic stickers and tape, or unique illustrated wrapping paper, we have you covered. You can also find a range of wholesale pencil cases and pouches, as well as gift boxes for all your gift-giving needs. Plus, you can be sure that every product you buy on CREOATE is supporting a fellow small business. Shop today from a hand-approved selection of stationery wholesalers and independent brands from across the UK, Europe, and the US.


I don’t currently stock wholesale stationery. Where should I start with this category?

Two words: greeting cards! It’s estimated that 811 million greeting cards are bought in the UK each year; that’s around 12 per person. They’re typically fairly high margin, with many cards on CREOATE having a margin of 60% or more. And what you’ll often find is that people will pop into your store for a greeting card, and end up leaving with one (or several!) things they didn’t even know they needed. And while you can tap into seasonal events and specific occasions, there are also plenty of lovely ‘neutral’ options if you just want to keep it to a few options.

What’s important to keep in mind when stocking wholesale stationery?

Clever merchandising can really bring your stationery stock to life, and brighten up your whole store. Let customers leaf through the premium paper of your journals by displaying them on a table, and leaving one unwrapped to ‘sample’. Display your brightly illustrated wrapping paper on a ladder shelf, and let cards sing by spreading them out on shelves.

Besides merchandising, remember you might see more damage with stationery products (crinkled wrapping paper, scuffed notebook corners, pens used as samples), so be sure to allow for this when ordering stock.

How profitable is stationery as a category?

As we mentioned above, a lot of stationery products are high margin (60%+), and many stationery products are evergreen rather than seasonal, so you don’t have to worry about things becoming out of date. Even seasonal stock like Christmas cards can be brought out year after year if they’re kept carefully, making stationery a generally simple and profitable category to stock.

The exception here is dated diaries, journals, and calendars. Sales for these will peak between November and early January, before drastically dropping off, and leaving stock that’s hard to shift. So it’s important to plan more carefully when buying these types of items wholesale, as well as giving them pride of place for those key buying months, and going for a higher margin here where possible.

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