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Cleaning essentials are always in demand. So, why not set your store apart by offering high-quality dish cloths and sponges? Help your customers keep their kitchens squeaky clean, and shop our selection of wholesale dish cloths and sponges today.

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What kind of wholesale kitchen sponges and dish cloths can I find on CREOATE?

Sourced from trusted suppliers across the UK, Europe, and the US, our collection of wholesale kitchenware includes a variety of wholesale cleaning products to help keep your customers’ kitchens clean. Whether they’re scrubbing up stubborn pots and pans with sturdy wire brushes, wiping surfaces with microfibre cloths, or opting for more eco friendly options — we have the perfect products to keep their kitchens spotless. While you’re here, why not add some complementary kitchen accessories to your cart, like wholesale tea towels, napkins and tablecloths, tableware and more.


Do you offer eco-friendly wholesale dish cloths and sponges on CREOATE?

We offer a selection of eco-friendly wholesale sponges and dish cloths made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, biodegradable cellulose, and natural fibres. You can find these using our Values filter, and simply selecting ‘Eco-friendly’ to narrow down your search. For a more curated selection of green homeware options, be sure to browse our Sustainable Wholesale Homeware collection.

What is the recommended profit margin when selling kitchen sponges and dish cloths?

Pricing your cleaning and kitchenware products often depends on the brand, materials, and type you’re selling. On CREOATE, sellers suggest a recommended retail price, or RRP you can use as a guide. However, when it comes to pricing your items, we would generally suggest a profit margin of around 45 – 50%.

Why should I buy dish cloths and sponges in bulk on CREOATE?

Whether you run a restaurant, cafe, or kitchenware store, CREOATE is the perfect platform from which to bulk buy sponges and dish cloths. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily browse and order at the click of a button. Discover Super Shipper brands, and sellers with low order minimums and high margins with ease. Shop with multiple brands and only check out once. You can also get a full refund on any products that don’t sell, and send them back for free within 60 days, so long as you don’t open any of the packaging or product seals. Shop new brands risk-free while enjoying speedy local delivery and reliable, free cross-border shipping.