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Art prints offer an affordable and accessible way for anyone to decorate their walls with great, fun pieces of art, without worrying too much about how their tastes or decor needs might change in the future. Discover brilliant wholesale art prints from independent artists, designers and brands across the UK, wider Europe, and the US.

Wholesale Art Prints Suppliers from UK and Europe

From colorful prints to minimalistic patterns, discover a unique selection of wholesale art prints from UK and European suppliers.


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RISK FREE RETURNS first order with all brands | 60 day returns

What kind of wholesale art prints can I find on CREOATE? 

We have a huge range of wholesale prints available, from bold slogan pieces, right through to minimalist line drawings. Framed, unframed, small A5 pieces right through to statement A2 and above, our wonderful independent artists have all your art needs covered. 

Art is a highly personal choice. When you’re choosing a selection of prints to stock in your store, it’s almost impossible to know what will fly off the shelves, and what won’t. 

But when you buy wholesale art prints through CREOATE, you can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that you have 60 days to send back anything that’s not selling (as long as it’s your first time buying from that brand or artist). We’re here to take all the risk out of choosing the ‘right’ stock, and get you excited about trying out exciting, unique new products in your store, and uncovering those gems that will sell out every single time. 

If you want to broaden your search for wholesale wall art, take a look at our wholesale photography prints, or alternatively narrow down your search by theme, with nature wall art, quote/slogan wall art, and animal wall art


What’s a good margin for wholesale art prints? 

The price of art is set pretty subjectively, so you’ll find a wide range of recommended retail prices for your art prints. But what’s a good margin? Of course, a ‘good’ margin for you is specific to your unique retail business and its costs and needs, but as a general guideline, we’d recommend looking for art prints with a margin of around 45-50%.

Who makes the art sold on CREOATE? 

The independent artists, makers, illustrators and brands on CREOATE are based in the UK, Canada, USA, and Europe. They all have their own small business story, which you can see in full by clicking on the brand name on each product page. 

What does GSM mean? 

GSM stands for Grams per Square Metre, and is a measure of the quality of the paper the art is printed onto.