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Transform your store into an olfactory haven with our exquisite collection of wholesale home fragrances. Globally, fragrances are gaining popularity as consumers strive to showcase their individuality and elevate their personal style. According to Statista, the worldwide fragrance market is set to see an annual growth rate of 3.01%, with as much as 72% of total market sales by 2024 attributed to non-luxury scents. Smells like opportunity for independents. So, what are you waiting for? Boost your product offerings and captivate your customers' senses today.

What kind of wholesale home fragrances can I find on CREOATE?

CREOATE connects you with independent suppliers globally, offering an extensive range of wholesale home fragrances. From wholesale scented candles, reed diffusers, and perfumes, to incense and potpourri, our platform caters to all kinds of scent preferences and formats. Explore our user-friendly platform to effortlessly browse and order with just a few clicks. Unsure where to begin? Take advantage of our 60-day returns on unopened products, ensuring you can introduce new scents to your inventory risk-free!


What trends are shaping the home fragrance market?

The home fragrance market is evolving, with sustainability and natural ingredients taking centre stage. Consider exploring cruelty-free and eco-friendly beauty options, sustainable homeware, as well as zero-waste options to align with these trends and attract environmentally conscious consumers.

Which fragrances attract customers the most?

When shopping for wholesale fragrances to stock in your store or boutique, consider which scents are most likely to draw customers in. Studies have found that more simple, recognisable scents are likely to grab customer attention, as well as encourage spending. So think staple scents like citrus, vanilla, lavender, and mint. Incorporate Enhance your customers' shopping experience by incorporating these fragrances into interactive, enticing displays, that allow for sampling. 

Is there a recommended markup for selling home fragrances?

Establish competitive prices for your wholesale home fragrances based on factors such as brand reputation, packaging, ingredients and scent quality. We would recommend aiming for a profit margin of 45-50% to ensure your pricing remains competitive and profitable.

Explore our carefully curated assortment of wholesale home fragrances on CREOATE. Uncover Super Shipper brands for convenient restocking and identify sellers with low minimum order values and high-margin products. Experience reliable and free cross-border shipping, complemented by exceptional customer support for a seamless shopping journey.