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RISK FREE RETURNS first order with all brands | 60 day returns

Indulge your customers with an exquisite selection of scents by exploring our captivating range of wholesale perfumes. According to industry reports, the global perfume and fragrances market was forecast to continuously increase between 2023 and 2028 by a total of $9.1 billion, or over 15%. With fragrance on track to be in such healthy and consistent demand, why wouldn’t you consider stocking up on wholesale perfumes to sell in your store?

What kind of wholesale perfumes can I find on CREOATE?

CREOATE collaborates with independent suppliers from the UK, Europe, and the US, to offer a diverse array of wholesale perfumes to choose from. From elegant eau de parfums and refreshing colognes, to wholesale solid perfumes and fragrance gift sets, discover an extensive collection on CREOATE. Unsure where to start? No worries! Enjoy a 60-day free returns policy on any unopened products, allowing you to explore new scents risk-free!


Is there a growing demand for selling perfumes?

Absolutely! The global perfume market is witnessing steady growth, with the global fragrance market estimated to be worth about $52.4 billion by 2025 according to Statista. For many, personal fragrances have become a symbol of personal identity, as well as an ideal luxury gifting item. 

What licenses are required to sell perfumes in the UK?

To sell perfumes in the UK, you must ensure compliance with regulations. Obtain relevant licenses and certifications, including safety assessments for your perfume products. Additionally, provide comprehensive information and warnings on product packaging. As ever, make sure you have product and/or public liability insurance for added protection when selling.

How do I determine the pricing for wholesale perfumes?

When stocking wholesale perfume, to optimise profits we recommend a competitive margin ranging from 35-40%, depending on the exclusivity and brand recognition of the fragrances, as well as the ingredients used to make them.

Explore our curated collection of wholesale perfumes and beauty products on CREOATE. Take advantage of our 60-day free returns policy for UK and US-based shoppers to discover new scents with less risk. For swift restocking, explore Super Shipper brands and identify sellers with low minimum order values and high-margin products. Enjoy reliable and free cross-border shipping, coupled with exceptional customer support for a seamless shopping experience today.