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Help your customers revitalise their hair and invest in high-quality hair care products with CREOATE. Whether you run a salon, a beauty parlour, or a specialist beauty supply store, our marketplace of independent stockists can help you find the best wholesale hair care products for your next stock-up.

What kind of wholesale hair care products can I find on CREOATE?

CREOATE collaborates with independent suppliers worldwide to bring you a curated assortment of wholesale hair care products. Explore a range of hair care essentials, from nourishing wholesale shampoos and conditioners, to hair styling products and tools, wholesale hair treatments and masks, and hair accessories. Whether you're running a salon or retail space, our platform offers a comprehensive selection to meet your customers' diverse needs.


Is the demand for selling hair care products significant?

Absolutely! The global hair care market is thriving, with the global hair care market projected to generate a revenue of $93.74 billion in 2024 alone, according to Statista. Worldwide, the United States leads in terms of highest revenue. With this in mind, it may be time to evaluate your product offerings, and consider targeting US customers if you don’t already.

Are there specific licenses required to sell hair care products in the UK?

While there is no official 'licence' required to sell hair care products in the UK, as a business owner you should be complying with cosmetic regulations, including CPSR. You are also responsible for making sure you adhere to safety standards, including all relevant safety information on product packaging. Be sure to invest in product and/or public liability insurance for added protection.

How do I set prices for wholesale hair care products?

Pricing for wholesale hair care products depends on factors such as brand reputation, product quality, and current market trends. Aim for a profit margin between 35-40% to remain competitive and ensure sustainable business growth.

Explore our curated collection of wholesale hair care products on CREOATE. Discover Super Shipper brands for quick restocks on all your best-selling products, and maximise your profit with low minimum order values and high-margin products. Experience smooth and reliable cross-border shipping and excellent customer service when you begin your wholesale journey with CREOATE today.