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RISK FREE RETURNS first order with all brands | 60 day returns

In 2021, the global bath and body product market was valued at $14.46 billion in 2021, and is projected to expand by approximately 7.9% from 2022 to 2030. With self-care trends constantly on the rise, and a growing demand for more indulgent and innovative bodycare products, retailers need to stay on top of industry happenings. This is where CREOATE’s wholesale marketplace can help, with access to a variety of bath and body product suppliers based across the UK, Europe, and the US offering a wide variety of wholesale options to elevate self-care routines and enhance the pampering experience. With fairtrade, vegan, and eco-friendly options available, you can be sure your bath and body products match your values, too.

What kind of wholesale bath and body care products can I find on CREOATE?

Our collection of bath and body products features various categories, including indulgent wholesale bath bombs, nourishing body lotions, invigorating scrubs, and soothing bath and body oils. From rejuvenating skincare essentials to delightful aromatherapy treats, we strive to provide a comprehensive assortment, and with CREOATE sellers based across the UK, US and Europe, you’re sure to find brands you love that are local to you. Many can also ship orders in under three days, meaning you won’t have to wait long to stock up on your bath and body products in-store. Even better? You have 60 days to send back anything that doesn’t sell, too — just make sure you don’t open any products you want to return.


What’s a ‘good’ margin for bath and body products?

We recommend looking for a margin of about 35-40% when it comes to stocking bath and body products, although this depends on your business, and the products themselves. Most body care products don’t have a printed expiry date, and as a guideline may last up to a few years unopened. On the packaging, you’ll see a recommendation for how long you should keep the product once opened. However, more natural bath and body products may have shorter expiry dates, as they don't contain the preservatives that normally give these products a longer shelf life. In this case, it’s better to look for a higher margin, as these products need a quicker turnaround time.

How do I know if these bath and body products meet beauty regulations in my country?

CREOATE sellers are responsible for ensuring that their products and packaging meet the requirements for each country they sell to, and can exclude any countries they’re not yet ready to sell to. So if you’re buying from CREOATE, you should only see products that match the requirements for your selected country. If you have any questions on this, please reach out to us on live chat.

Why should I buy wholesale bath and body products on CREOATE?

We get the importance of offering your customers high-quality bath and body products. That's why our collection is regularly updated with new arrivals and innovative products that incorporate the latest trends and must-have ingredients. What’s more, as a retailer, shopping wholesale with CREOATE means you can add products from multiple bath and body suppliers to your cart, and only have to check out once. You can also send back anything that doesn’t sell in 60 days for a refund, so long as you don’t open the product packaging. You’ll find lead times and minimum order values are generally lower, too, with many brands able to ship things out to you in just a few days.

In addition to our wide range of wholesale bath and body products, we also provide reliable and free cross-border shipping options, as well as exceptional customer support for your peace of mind. Explore our collection and discover the perfect wholesale bath and body products for your store today.