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Whether you want to stock keyrings that make a statement, or something a little more sleek, our wholesale brands have your every keyring need covered. Discover wholesale keyrings from independent brands across the UK, wider Europe, and the US.

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RISK FREE RETURNS first order with all brands | 60 day returns

What kind of keyrings can I buy on CREOATE?

With over 6,500 independent brands selling wholesale through CREOATE, and over 2,000 keyrings currently on site, you won’t find yourself short of options when it comes to buying keyrings in bulk. 

Keyrings are something most of us use every single day. And with most selling for just a few pounds, and with a high margin, they make the perfect year-round ‘little something’ gifts, and countertop display items. 

Discover a wide range of fun novelty keyrings, as well as plenty of more serious options, too, with keyrings made of leather, stainless steel, enamel, wood, plastic, and more. And with many brands able to ship your order in just a few days, you won’t have to wait long to get these keyrings on your shelves. 

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How many keyrings do I need to order in bulk at once?

All the brands selling through CREOATE set their own minimum order value, which includes all the products they sell. So the minimum order value may be £75, but this total can be made up of multiple different products sold by the same seller. But don’t worry — when you add any product to your cart, we’ll let you know how much you have left to spend with that seller to reach their minimum order value. 

Are keyrings and keychains the same thing? 

Yes! Keyrings and keychains are the same thing — ‘keyring’ is more commonly used in the UK, and ‘keychain’ is more commonly used in the US. 

Can I buy customisable keyrings on CREOATE?

The vast majority of products on CREOATE are finished products that are ready to sell on to the end customer, but there are a few ‘white label’ products available, which you could customise yourself. 

Are keyrings a profitable item to sell? 

They definitely can be! While they generally have a fairly low price point, keyrings do tend to have higher margins than the average product; you’ll notice many of the products in this category have the ‘High Margin’ badge, and often have a margin of 60% or more. With our 60-day returns policy, there’s definitely no harm in trying them out in your store.