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A classic gift option for men, stock your shelves from our range of wholesale socks and men’s underwear, including a wide range of wholesale boxers, boxer shorts and plenty of novelty options, from independent brands across the UK, wider Europe, and the US.

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What kind of wholesale men’s underwear and socks can I buy from CREOATE? 

With over 6,500 independent brands selling wholesale through CREOATE, whatever you’re looking to stock up on, you can be sure of variety; and men’s underwear is no exception! 

Whether you’re looking for classic, jazzy or novelty styles, shop wholesale men’s boxers, wholesale boxer shorts, briefs, and men’s socks in bulk from independent brands across the UK, wider Europe, and the US. Stand out from other shops with unique products your customers will love, either for themselves, or to buy as a gift.

New to stocking socks and underwear? When you start stocking a new product, it’s always hard to predict how well it will sell — and that’s before you even get into the issue of multiple sizes! That’s why we offer 60-day returns when you buy from a new brand for the first time, removing all the risk of trying something new, and putting all the joy back into product sourcing. Mix and match your favourite sock and underwear designs from different suppliers, and check out just once.

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What are the most popular sizes for men’s socks? 

In the UK, the most popular shoe size is a size 9. Different brands make socks with different size brackets, but it would be sensible to get more of whichever bracket includes a size 9. Remember that UK and US shoe sizes are different; just add one to the UK size to find the US equivalent. So a UK size 9 is equal to a US size 10.

Can I order sample socks and underwear? 

The ‘feel’ of a product like socks or underwear is important, and hard to convey through a screen — we totally get that! We don’t offer samples, but we do offer 60-day returns of any unopened items when you order from a new brand for the first time. So if they’re not as soft as you’d hoped, you can simply send them back. In some countries, we’ll even come and collect them for free. Check our Returns Policy for more information.