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Help your customers add some softness to their spaces with our exquisite collection of wholesale rugs and doormats. Elevate your inventory with stylish and functional pieces that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. According to Statista, the projected global revenue for carpets and rugs in 2024 is $48.92 billion. With this in mind, what better time to get stocked up on wholesale carpets and rugs for your store.

What kind of wholesale rugs and doormats can I find on CREOATE?

Discover a curated assortment of wholesale rugs and doormats from independent suppliers across the UK, Europe, and the US. Our platform offers a diverse range, including plush area rugs, trendy carpet runners, and durable wholesale doormats in various styles and materials. Explore the collection to find the perfect pieces for your store. Unsure where to start? Take advantage of our 60-day returns on unopened products, allowing you to introduce new options to your inventory risk-free!


What rug materials are trending in the market?

Natural and sustainable materials are what’s trendy at the moment. Look out for jute and bamboo mats in particular, as these materials are growing in popularity as shoppers look to more sustainable homeware options. So, consider exploring door mats and wholesale indoor rugs and with eco-friendly materials to align with current market trends.

What is the recommended markup for wholesale carpets and rugs?

To stay competitive within the homeware and home decor space, we would recommend a mark-up of around 45-50% on the rugs, doormats, and related decor products you sell.

Are machine-washable rugs a practical option for customers?

Absolutely! Machine-washable rugs and door mats offer convenience and easy maintenance, making them a more practical and forgiving choice for customers seeking hassle-free home decor solutions.

Explore our diverse selection of wholesale rugs and door mats on CREOATE. Navigate through our user-friendly platform to effortlessly browse and order available products. Benefit from reliable and free cross-border shipping and exceptional customer support, ensuring a seamless shopping experience on CREOATE today.